Nonso (NONY)Ezeobidi is a dynamic musician, singer and a songwriter wt an over 25yrs of experience in studio and live performance. Was born in d early 70’s in d eastern part of Nigeria Anambra state.Growing up was fun because among his senior siblings, he was protected and guided well in his chosen carrier which is music in his prime time.

This talent was discovered by his eagle eye brother who introduced him to a band of musicians called Comrades band in Enugu where played alongside great guys like Roddy Ethondo,Mr Ndema from Cameroon, Jide Obi etc.He perfected in the act because while in Enugu,he played in big hotels and clubs like Nike Lake Protea hotel,Sheraton hotels and towers before traveling to Asia and to Europe in search of a greener pastures but now he’s back in the country to claim his position in the Nigeria flourishing entertainment industry.

He had already dropped one or two of his hit songs(Kool down)featured RasPCT.(Nwaniga..meaning Tortoise from a 10 track album.And to back it up wt a video soon.So good people should be on the look out for this guy NONY.


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